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European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
We Stand for Freedom of Choice In Vaccination For All Europeans

Vaccination policy

Vaccination is not compulsory/mandatory in Sweden.
The Swedish population have a strong awareness of the importance of personal freedom and individual rights.

Sweden has less vaccines in the ‘childhood vaccination program’ compared to United States.

For Military Service vaccines are mandatory. 

We see a strong pro-vaccination push from the Government and the media, and there is great pressure being exerted by the national health authorities toward a greater compliance to the vaccination programs.

The policy is that if the parents disagree on vaccinating their child, there will be no vaccination. This is the same practice as in Denmark.

I Norway the law just changes so the parent that want vaccination will get their will.

The compliance to the childhood vaccination schedule amounts quite high in children.


There are no  requirements for children to have had any vaccines in order to enter kindergarten or school.

Adverse event following immunisation public reporting system

The report can be made by the patients or by health workers. Adverse events of vaccines must be reported to National Medical Agency: Läkemedelsverket.