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European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
We Stand for Freedom of Choice In Vaccination For All Europeans

Honorary Members

AAVP Ana Medina

AAVP (Association of HPV vaccine Victims) is a non-profit association campaigning for decent medical care for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine victims. The association was formed on  9th July 2009 in Valencia. That same day, we launched our website and we also submitted a petition...

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Andreas Bachmair

Andreas Bachmair is a German homeopath who lives in Switzerland. He is webmaster of and where he is now conducting an exceptionally thorough and comprehensive scientific survey on the state of health of unvaccinated children. His main focus is the treatment...

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AVA Alicia Capilla

The “Asociación Vencer Autismo” (Overcoming Autism Association) was founded in 1999 as a response to the lack of appropriate resources within the conventional medical system to meet the needs of people suffering from autism and PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder). To assist those battling this...

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Jayne Donegan

Dr Jayne Donegan MBBS DRCOG DCH DFFP MRCGP MFHom is a GP and Homoeopathic Physician with Certified Specialist Accreditation in Medical Homeopathy from the Faculty of Homeopathy, London. She has a special interest in vaccination and promotes health and practical, supportive treatment of childhood...

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Barbara Loe Fisher

Barbara Loe Fisher is co-founder and president of the non-profit National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a U.S. charity that has been working since 1982 to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to protect the ethical principle of voluntary, informed consent to medical...

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Michel Georget

I hold the French Agrégation en Biologie, the very highest French qualification for Biology teachers. Throughout most of my career, I taught students on a year-long course preparing them for competitive entry exams to get into the very top French universities called Grandes Ecoles. Those in my classes...

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Miguel Jara

My name is Miguel Jara, freelance author and journalist. When I say ‘freelance’ this means that I am independent. My areas of specialization are health and ecology. The title of my latest book is “Laboratorio de medicos. Viaje al interior de la medicina y la industria farmacéutica (Peninsula, 2011)”...

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Jannes Koetsier

Dr. Jannes Koetsier has conducted research into vaccination for many years. More recently, he has prepared second opinion reports for more than thirty parents accused of shaking their babies. In approximately 25% of these cases, he discovered that childhood vaccination was the most likely cause...

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Angelika Müller Kogel-Schauz

I have been actively involved in informing the public about vaccination for more than 20 years now. It all started when one of my four children got encephalitis after receiving the Diphtheria-Tetanus vaccine. This prompted me to research the issue and I have continued steadily to this day. My greatest...

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Johann Loibner

Dr. Loibner was born in 1944 and is married with four children. 
He is a graduate of the Graz Medical School in Styria, Austria.  After a few years in practice, he studied Homeopathy and Kneipp medicine.  He was also a lecturer in homeopathy at the Graz Medical School for eight years....

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Jean Pilette

A few years after graduating from medical school in 1969, I was requested to assist a Physics student with his final year dissertation. He had chosen “The Complications of Smallpox Vaccination” (Free University of Louvain, 1975) as a topic. This is how I discovered that vaccines can be dangerous,...

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Janine Roberts

Janine Roberts, British investigative journalist, medical writer and researcher, film maker and author, was the first recipient of the EFVV Prize for outstanding and ground-breaking original research into the side effects of vaccines. Her areas of specialization are HIV, polio, viruses in general...

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Maximo Sandin

Maximo Sandín has a degree in Biology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Doctorate in Bio-anthropology from the Universidad Autonoma (Autonomous University) of Madrid where he has been working as a researcher and lecturer since 1977. He currently holds the position of full professor...

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Martin J. Walker

Martin J. Walker is a campaigner and writer. He has written extensively about MMR in Britain and the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield, while supporting the parents of vaccine damaged children. With Carol Stott, he gathered parents stories, edited and published them in two volumes of Silenced Witnesses....

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