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European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
We Stand for Freedom of Choice In Vaccination For All Europeans

Freedom Convoy goes global

The whole world is watching truckers fighting for freedom of all humanity. Not freedom ''after I show you papers'', but freedom as a necessary attribute of sovereign people.

How Slovenia Defeated Tyrannical Law Attempt

Our Slovenian member organization, the Association for Natural Development of Children, decided to get some action done when their government was trying to adopt a new version of Infectious Diseases Act. The new adoption would allow police...

Massive walkouts of students

Finally students have gathered courage and done what needed to be done. California high school students staged a mass walkout after mask mandates being postponed while the rest of the country lifted their restrictions.

Pfizer pulls EUA application for children

This is the result of a successfull call to action that was initiated by Dr. Toby Rogers. People inundated FDA officials with emails, letters, calls and faxes and told them: ''The FDA should not approve a drug for kids that failed in the clinical...

Trucker convoy- what can we learn from them

Police came to arrest people at the truckers convoy but they took each others hands and started singing. Non-violence and solidarity bring power to the people. The Freedom convoy in Canada has been an amazing uprising of free people who know their...

Vera Sharav support

Sorry for being late but we believe Vera's speech is always relevant because she is telling the truth. She is able to compare the horrors of what happened during Nazism and what is happening today because she has experienced both. Her speech gives...