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Mrs. Vera Sharav Recalls how 'Science' Served Genocide

Mrs. Vera Sharav will be a guest of honour at the Protest Against Mandatory Vaccination that will be held in Munich on the 21st of March 2020.  Sharav is a public advocate for human rights and is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP).

A fierce pharma critic, she has been one of the first to raise awareness of the corruption of academic medicine by industry money.  For decades she has exposed the fraud in scientific studies as well as the harm of drug side effects.  Her relentless work and advocacy for patient information and informed consent have even brought changes to clinical trial and drug approval legislation. 

Vera Sharav has also severely questioned vaccination policy. She is the author of a series of comprehensive articles on the collusion of the pharmaceutical industry with government and media:  'The Vaccine Program: Betrayal of Public Trust And Institutional Corruption’, 'L'Affaire Wakefield, Shades of Dreyfus and the BMJ's Descent Into Tabloid Science', one of the most complete files on the 'world wide web of lies' deployed to discredit the MMR-autism link and Dr. Andrew Wakefield[1], and "Mandatory Vaccination: An Inversion of Medical Ethics and Human Rights"[2] in the book Vaccine Epidemic.

When hearing about the introduction of mandatory vaccination in Germany, Mrs Sharav knew instantly that democracy was in danger, and felt a responsibility to share her reflections based on her personal experience.  In an article titled "Beware of Medicine Marching in Lockstep with Government"[3] she insisted on the profound threat posed by government-dictated mandatory childhood vaccination schedules.  Here are a few quotes to inspire our thoughts:

"As a child survivor of the Holocaust, I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil.  I was 31/2 years old when my family was uprooted & chased out of our home in Romania.  We were herded into a concentration camp where my father died.  My experience as a child has sensitized me to the threat posed by government dictates that sever parents’ right to protect their children.  Not only is protecting one’s child a parental human right, it is a primal instinct.  My perspective is informed by those painful personal memories, by the historical record, and the magnitude of the evidence in human terms.”


 What makes the Holocaust unique is that at every step of the murderous process, medical doctors & medical institutions endorsed and lent the veneer of legitimacy to mass murder of millions of civilians.

The very first medical victims of the Holocaust were German children who were disabled, mentally or physically.  Medical doctors took them away.   Medical doctors declared them unfit.   Medical doctors selected them for experiments or murder and delivered fake death certificates to their families.


Medicine can be weaponised when doctors join forces with government & deviate from their personal and professional ethical commitment under the Hippocratic Oath – “First, do no harm”


Today, the plight of thousands of real children, who have suffered irreversible neurological harm following the administration of multiple vaccinations simultaneously, is wilfully ignored by the medical establishment – as if vaccine-injured children were somehow irrelevant – mere “collateral damage.”


Doctors have become state enforcers of mandatory childhood vaccination schedules violating the unequivocal human right to voluntary informed consent to medical interventions.  Schools are also complicit state agents enforcing government requirements.  This is a chilling throwback to the STASI reign in East Germany.


The judges in the Doctors’ Trial at Nuremberg set forth the foundational legal code of medical ethics, the Nuremberg Code (1947). The first principle is unequivocal: The voluntary, informed consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

What is at issue globally is the human right to conscientious objection to medical interventions: freedom of choice and freedom of speech — a very dangerous combination. 


Mrs Sharav has witnessed how, over the last 5 years, an ever-restrictive policy has been put in place in the United States of America.  In 2015, California eliminated the right to vaccination exemptions for personal belief of conscience and religion, leaving only a medical exemption.  Then last year, with senate bill SB276, it further suppressed most medical exemptions, stripping medical doctors of their professional authority to make medical decisions based on their clinical judgment for children in their care.  This legislation empowered the Department of Public Health to dictate medical exemption standards that doctors must follow and to subject practitioners in California to monitoring by state officials, much like prisoners on parole.  Last summer, similar draconian laws were also introduced in New York.  On June 13, 2019, the legal status of religious exemptions in NY was eliminated without a single public hearing or public debate.

"As was the case in 1935, state-supported censorship and recent government decrees eviscerating fundamental parental rights and the professional judgment of medical doctors, have failed to raise protests from mainstream medicine, from the Ivy Towers of academia or from the corporate-controlled media.  Instead, these powerful institutions are protecting their financial stake in the business of vaccines.

Young children and their parents are being vilified and ostracised as “spreaders of disease”.  “Spreaders of disease” was the propaganda the Nazis used against the Jewish people.


In April 2019, New York City issued an emergency order directed at four specific zip codes in Brooklyn where most residents are Jewish.  These Jewish residents – 6 months and older – were ordered to be vaccinated within 48 hours.  Anyone who did not comply was to be fined $1,000.


“Have we learned nothing from history?" she asks.

In a former interview about her life experience[4] in STAT News, Mrs Sharav concluded:

“I came out of the Holocaust as a kid thinking, ‘Where was everybody? Why did nobody do anything?’”  I do feel a sense of responsibility."

So do we, Mrs. Sharav.   Welcome to Munich.


[1] V. Sharav "L'Affaire Wakefield, Shades of Dreyfus and the BMJ's Descent Into Tabloid Science',

[2] V. Sharav Mandatory Vaccination: An Inversion of Medical Ethics and Human Rights in Vaccine Epidemic Edited by Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland, JD (2011);


[4] R. Waters 'Distrustful of Authority, a Holocaust Survivor Became A Fierce Critic of Medical Establishment', STAT,, 18 Aug. 2016

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