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Nationwide Association of Vaccination Knowledge “STOP NOP”



June 2, 2019 at 12:00 – WARSAW and The Whole World

Organize a protest against mandatory vaccination and medical tyranny in your country!
June 2nd-3rd around the world!

Will you let parents be punished for caring for children? 
For defending their health and life, they were deprived of the right to make a decision dictated by their good?  It is happening now in Europe and around the world!

This is evidenced by the story of Alfie Evans cruelly destroyed by medical tyranny. No one can feel secure in the face of official procedures based on inhuman ideology and false statistics.

Discrimination, high financial penalties, police incarceration, attempts to collect children, imprisonment in the hospital

Responsible for this are people who easily come to make someone else’s life. In the name of what they call public health and alleged social solidarity – unscrupulously, they take away freedom from other people, having their basic rights in contempt.

How many tragedies do people need to understand that human freedom and dignity, and not compulsion that violates them, are the foundation of the good of us all. The good of the whole does not exist without a good individual.

That is why your strength is so much needed. The strength that you showed a year ago, when protests of many thousands were being made through Europe and the world! Which one could not keep silent and not see!

This strength now needs not only the Alfie family and other complicated vaccination complications that have fallen victim to the ruthlessness and callousness of medical officials!

We all need this strength now!
Each of us can be in their place! If we do not defend them, who will defend us ?!

Your presence can change the course of history. What kind of endings do you want?

Join in your country absolutely!

June 2, 2019 in Poland and around the world. III International Protest Against Forced Immunization. At the same time, the world day of awareness of post-vaccination complications is celebrated!

Freedom and health!

International Revolution For Choice Community and STOP NOP Association

Events for International Revolution For Choice in the world:


Poland, 2 June 2019


Ukraine, 2 June 2019





Germany, 14 September

Outside Europe: 

 Jest ryzyko musi być wybór!

If there is a risk there must be the choice!

Se che il rischio deve esserci scelta!


From Lodi in Italy. 


Worldwide Rally for Medical Freedom

2 June Australia Joins Worldwide Rally for Medical Freedom

2-5pm Saturday 2 June 2018, Queen's Gardens Brisbane, Australia joins many countries in the worldwide rally for MEDICAL FREEDOM. All medicine has the potential for adverse reactions therefore cannot be compulsory. Vaccines maim and kill people every day. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have had adverse reactions to vaccines. We dismiss any politician who supports compulsory vaccines from your elected seat. You are no longer respected or wanted.Event page - thanks to The Atoms for your beautiful soundtrack 'ForPeace' -

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International demonstrations

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Blogtalk radio program about Worldwide Protest Saturday ~ STOP MANDATORY VACCINATION ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy with Senta Depuydt from Belgium, and Allona Lahn from Australia. (Fit To Parent Network Australia)

The Mary and Sallie Show – Vaccine Free Radio

Blogtalk radio, Thursday 31. may 2018 
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