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Africa dumping million expired doses

The media is constantly talking about shortage of injections to create a sense of necessity.

Under that pressure the Nigerian government accepted injections with a very short shelf life.

We know that the African continent has the lowest injection uptake and for a good reason.

So many experiments have been done on unaware populace and people do not forget.

In order to boost confidence in ''vaccine'' programme the expired million doses of AstraZeneca have been

litteraly bulldozed in the ground. So much about the environment.

The same happened in many other African countries where expired injections have been destroyed. They blame it on delay in shipment. 

There has been an attempt from Nigerian professionals in diaspora to call this shortage of injections and sending short shelf life injections to Africa as ''symptom of vaccine racism''.

If we only follow EudraVigilance publication data until 18th of December, more than 3 million people have reported serious adverse reactions and more than 34.000 are dead after the injection. Isn't that enough damage to stop everything?

Maybe delaying in shipment and dumping those injections is the best solution.