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Czech Republic: Case at the Human rights Court in Brussels

Legal case at the Human rights Court in Brussels. In the present case, the parents refused to submit to the legal obligation to vaccinate their children because they considered, in substance, that such a vaccination was against the interest of their children. As a result, they were sanctioned, denied permission to set up a privately run school, and their children were denied enrolment in a public nursery school. Given that in the present cases no one was forced to undergo a vaccination, the question does not directly concern the legitimacy of compulsory vaccination, but that of the sanction imposed on the applicants. Does this sanction threaten the physical and moral integrity of the applicants, as well as their right to education? Audience at the High Court took place on July 1st and we are awaiting the decision to be made. This decision will be a precedence for all EU countries.,-47621.13,-written-observations,-March-2016.pdf

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The EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance) is an alliance of member-organisations and individual members from 25 European countries.  Our member-organisations consist of consumer groups and pro-choice groups whose members in turn include medical professionals and scientists. Their combined memberships exceed 100,000. We call on all Europeans to stand together in a demand for a united vaccination policy based on freedom of choice and informed consent.  We believe that mandatory vaccination is not only a serious risk but a violation of human rights and dignity.  We therefore demand transparency and caution as well as recognition and concern for the many vaccine-injured in Europe and beyond.

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