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Hepatitis after the gene jab

For a month or so we have been seeing publications about strange onset of hepatitis in children

under the age of 10.

Some of them had to have their liver transplanted, so it is not a minor inflammation.

There were some hints that all children had been injected with the gene therapy.

Besides noone was able to find the ''usual hepatitis viruses'' in the liver.

Now we have confirmation about vaccine induced hepatitis in adults.

Read this: Sciencedirect

WHO has issued a global warning about hepatitis in children and started an investigation: expose

We now know that the spike proteins from the injection do not stay at the injection site but go

everywhere, especially into the liver, reproductive organs and brains.

What can we expect?

We said months ago these shots will be a disaster and we sadly seem to be right according to EUDRA Vigilance where millions of damages are being reported and thousands of deaths: here

And they keep on going?