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European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance
We Stand for Freedom of Choice In Vaccination For All Europeans


« This kind of emergency powers that are born out of crisis have a perfect history of abuse. As authoritarianism spreads, as emergency laws proliferate, as we sacrifice our rights, we also sacrifice our capability to arrest the slide into a less liberal and a less free world. Do you truly believe that when t he first wave, this second wave, the 16th wave of the coronavirus is a long forgotten memory, that these capabilities will not be kept? That these memories will not been kept ? No matter how it is being used, what’s being built is the architecture of oppression. These systems, if we do not change them, will not simply be used to monitor our health, the are going to make decisions for us on an automated basis to determine who gets the job, who goes to school, who gets a loan, who gets a home and who does not. And we today are being asked in a moment of extraordinary fear : what do we want these systems to look like. And if we don’t make this decision ourselves, it will be made for us. » Edward Snowden, April 10, 2020, interview with Shane Smith in Shelter in Place.

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