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No way to create safe Covid-19 shots

This study presents mechanism based risk analysis of Covid-19 vaccines. Spike protein, anti Spike
antibodies, bio-physio-chemical properties of vaccines, risks in connection to the way of application
of vaccine, possible inter human transmission and other issues of Covid-19 vaccines were
scrutinized. Vector and mRNA vaccines present unique challenge in evaluating vaccine safety
because those vaccines meet criteria for gene therapy. This study supports the findings that there are
inherent limitations and health risks present directly in the core of gene therapy based vaccine
technology. Solutions for those risks are behind the scope of current science. This analysis reveals
that indicators of possible severe risks in connection to Covid-19 vaccination were known prior to
the start of mass vaccination programs but ignored and not addressed by drug regulatory agencies
and health organizations like WHO. Covid-19 health statistics are of no use in risk-benefit analysis
of Covid-19 vaccines since manufacturing was shown in at least one of EU country (the Czech
republic) (Z jednotek; 2021; Úvod; 2021; Problém; 2021) and there are strong indicators that the
same happened in the USA (Renz Whistleblowers; 2022 ; Feds; 2022;). Further studies are needed
to investigate if more countries manufactured health statistics the same way.

Read more: pdfwhy-to-make-mechanism-based-analysis-no-safe-mrna-vaccine_53c7b.pdf