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Not the last, but not the least of the Ecologists: Michèle Rivasi has gone

 michele rivasi in lyon 2007 during a manifestation yann forget wikimedia commons


Not the last, but not the least of the Ecologists: Michèle Rivasi has gone


A woman who stood tall and remained faithful to the fundamental values of Ecology


Who has not been astonished and deeply disappointed, not to say sickened or despaired, by the almost universal abandon of their historical and founding values by the Green parties and intellectuals of the whole Europe on Springtime 2020, when an illusory war against a virus was declared by the most anti-ecological Capitalism, with a real war against Health, Democracy and Humanity?

With a few other citizens, some ecologists stood tall.

Michèle Rivasi was among them. She died of a heart attack going to the parliament yesterday, November 29.

Etymologically, an ecologist is a person that knows and talks of - logos - the home, - oeikos - intended in politics as our Common Home, the Earth, a person that knows the way to live in harmony with It, not to harm it. And the first home we live in is our body, which is Nature itself.

The French ecologist and MEP Michèle Rivasi, was born in 1953 in the Drome, a beautiful département of the South of France, nowadays with the highest rate of organic cultures.

She was a real ecologist because, as well as having obtained the “Agrégation” of Biology, the highest degree for a teacher, after being a “Normalienne” at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, she had never stopped investigating and fighting the toxic relationships between politics, techno-sciences and Life, inscribing them in a long view perspective, and refusing ideologies, systems, political opportunism and conflicts of interests.

Our times of betrayals and trials of intent, as described by George Orwell in 1984, are characterized by the lack of memory and vision, the cancel culture of a whole Humanism by the sponsors of universities, politics and medias.

When Eric Piolle the “Green” mayor of Grenoble, and candidate for Presidency, declared on France Inter the 13 October 2020, out of ignorance and ambition, that all the Ecologists where in favour of the whole French population vaccination, he disavowed the entire ecologist heritage, ant the horizon of debate and freedom, taking enormous risks for the Public Health in a totally irresponsible way.

Ecology 2:0 is poly-compatible, as worrying as anarcho-capitalism in its materialism, its faith in techno-science and its individualistic libertarianism cut off from the Reality of Nature and devoid of historical hindsight, in a flagrant contradiction with the foundations of Life.

This opportunist and blind “ecology” violents the precautionary principle, individual freedom, the democratic system, the genes of human body, collaborates with the most cynical Capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry lobbies, whereas talking of “responsibility” and “benevolence”...

Their representatives say they are against exclusion, but they were in favour of social apartheid between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated.
They say "my body is my choice", but they imposed experimental products to be injected into the blood and cells of an entire people, from the youngest to the oldest.
They say they are in favour of pesticide-free communities and car-free roads, “peaceful metropolises” but they are in favour of compulsory experimental GMO 'vaccines' in every vein (and Uber slave labourers launched like rockets on cycle paths with electric non-recyclable engines).
They claim to defend the rights of children and animals, but they keep quiet the experiment on children as young as 6 months for vaccines developed from aborted human embryos and tested on animals.

Taking care

Michele Rivasi was the opposite.

Culture and competence, experience, emotion, common sense, courage, simplicity, generosity in action, openness to dialogue, absence of ambition, and ability to communicate important things to her audience.

She took care of things and people, in all the meanings of the expression.

I met her several times in organic fairs near Grenoble, always simple, direct, energetic, open hearted. Although being a Member of the European Parliament since 2009, she always looked surprised to discover another conflict of interest in Bruxelles, another madness of Big Pharma or Big Farmers, another unbelievable amount of public money wasted for private and deleterious persons or companies.

The year she entered the parliament, she denounced the H1N1 crisis.

She had recently united with Anne-Sophie Pelletier (La France Insoumise, Left) to expose the “Long Covid” problem with an association of Belgian victims.

Her last publication on Facebook was about the contracts of Pfizer BioN’Tech, and the right fight of Poland not to pay back the most condemned pharmaceutical company in History, at which al the Western democracies had opened their doors. She urged Ursula Von der Leyen to explain her contacts with Albert Bourla the director of Pfizer.

SMSGATE | La dernière conséquence du méga contrat de #vaccins anti-#Covid d'Ursula von der Leyen : #Pfizer attaque la Pologne en justice pour obtenir le paiement de 60 millions de doses de vaccins que le pays a commandés mais jamais réglés.

SMSGATE | The latest consequence of Ursula von der Leyen's mega contract for ##Covid vaccines: #Pfizer is taking Poland to court to obtain payment for 60 million doses of vaccines that the country ordered but never paid for.

Michèle Rivasi “made a name for herself in 1986 by denouncing the "State lie" about the Chernobyl cloud. She co-founded the Commission for Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity (Criirad) shortly after the nuclear disaster, to oppose the State monopoly on these studies. During the Covid-19 epidemic, she took a stand against compulsory vaccination and compared the health pass to apartheid - the South African regime which introduced segregationist laws from 1948 to 1991.” (Le Monde)1

Tributes from her fellow fighters and colleagues

Maxence Layet, her collaborator, sent this press release:

“It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Michèle Rivasi MEP, who died this morning, Wednesday 29 November 2023, following a heart attack. Ms Rivasi was immediately taken into hospital in Brussels.
An inspiring, stimulating and committed figure, founder of associations such as Criirad in 1986, in the aftermath of Chernobyl, Criirem in 2005 (Centre de Recherche et d’Information Indépendant sur les Radiations Electro-Magnétiques) and Association Zones Blanches in 2014 [ for electrohypersensitive or chemically sensitive persons] always ready to defend the principles she held dear, Michèle Rivasi devoted her life to protecting biodiversity and our health, and to fighting for transparency in our institutions in the interests of European citizens.
Elected Member of Parliament for the Drôme in 1997, Vice-President of the Drôme Departmental Council, town councillor in Valence, and then Member of the European Parliament in 2009, she worked tirelessly to advance the issues that were close to her heart. An active member of EELV and the Greens/EFA, she left an indelible mark on many aspects of European legislation through her hard work and unrivalled pugnacity.
The death of Michèle Rivasi is an immense loss for political ecology, European democracy and for all those who had the privilege of knowing her and working alongside her. Her colleagues and team salute her courage, integrity and closeness to the people. Her heartfelt qualities, right to the end.”

Jean-Pierre Eudier, president of Ligue Nationale pour la Liberté des Vaccinations and European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance”, declared on the LNPLV website:

“Aged 70, this courageous woman never hesitated to defend her views, particularly during the "covid crisis", when she worked to restore freedom to carers and others forced by the President of the Republic to receive injections of an experimental product on pain of losing their jobs and receiving no compensation.
Mrs Rivasi was a woman of integrity, for the freedom and rights of men and women, with a deep commitment to freedom of vaccination.
Her untimely death leaves a huge hole in our hearts, but her legacy will live on in our memories forever. This woman, whose unwavering commitment was driven by a tireless quest for truth and justice, and who always spoke out against the obscurantism that accompanied any government initiative on vaccines, was able to enlighten people's consciences and defy prejudice to defend the fundamental rights of every individual.
She was gifted with rare foresight, capable of questioning established dogmas, basing her reasoning on the law, which left little room for medical disputes, and sparking debate on the crucial issues facing our society. Her fight for vaccine freedom was guided by a deep conviction in the power of choice and informed consent. She advocated transparent and objective information.”

Jean-Pierre JOSEPH, vice president of LNPLV, lawyer, dean of the Grenoble Bar author of Vaccins ou nous aurait menti? (Vaccines, did they lie to us) wrote:

“I met Michèle Rivasi a few years ago, and we immediately hit it off.

We agreed that the fight against the chemicals that poison the earth, water and air is the same as the fight against the harmfulness of certain vaccines, given their composition. Even if she didn't say so explicitly, because she was intellectually honest, she also questioned their effectiveness, but she was often faced with veritable ayatollahs, who believed in what they had never verified for themselves. She made me understand that we had to take things one step at a time.

The so-called health crisis has confirmed what we thought: public health is in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, which is obeyed without question by most political decision-makers who care more about their careers than about people's health. Believing that this industry is working for our health is like believing that arms dealers are working for peace.

I attended several of her conferences on the environment, radio waves, pesticides, etc., as well as the meeting she organised at the French National Assembly on the vaccine that is supposed to protect against cervical cancer, at which Canadian hospital doctors came to explain how they had treated many young women who had all received this vaccine and had either cervical cancer or serious disabling diseases.

A young woman who had received the vaccine came from the Bordeaux region, in a wheelchair, accompanied by her family, to attend the meeting and give her testimony.

My memory of Michèle RIVASI is of a woman who was honest, rigorous, a fighter, and at the same time close to everyone she met, showing great humility and modesty.

For me, she is a great lady who is passing away and who will be missed.

I will never forget her.”

“In 2018, after several months' work, she organised the Guinea Pig March, bringing together associations in a 2-month march from Fos Sur Mer to Paris, Brussels and Strasbourg.” remembers Guillaume Ageorges, president of the French Revav (Réseau des Victimes des Accidents Vaccinaux)

“The co-president of the Left in the European Parliament group, Manon Aubry, paid tribute on X to an "immense hard worker, who fought without flinching against the abuses of the pharmaceutical giants and lobbies". "A fighter for the environment has died", said Marie Toussaint MEP in a press release.

But in reality, she was more than isolated in her own party and her European group.

Vaccines: not politically, but ethically and scientifically correct and reaching out to all kinds of people

On 9 November 2015, she had declared:

“Vaccines are in the hot seat these days. The erosion of confidence (in the general public, but also in the medical profession) can be explained in particular by the two resounding scandals of the vaccination campaigns against hepatitis B and H1N1 influenza in recent years, the revelations of public/private collusion at the level of expertise and health authorities in France, the doubts weighing on the health risks of the adjuvants or excipients present in vaccines (aluminium salts, mercury...), the deliberate under-evaluation of risks and the commercial abuses of vaccines which have become a jackpot for pharmaceutical laboratories lacking in innovation. ), the deliberate under-assessment of risks and the commercial abuses of vaccines, which have become a jackpot for pharmaceutical laboratories lacking in innovation.”2
French Wikipedia writes about her positions during the Covid crisis: “On the subject of vaccination, she said: "Today, vaccines create more problems than they solve. It's time to change the paradigm on prevention". She was criticised by the scientific community, which described her as an anti-vaccine campaigner, pointing out that she adopted the codes and often propagated the lies in her publications. She disputes this description and describes herself as "vaccine-critical".”

We may ask what is intended by “Scientific community”, considering the diversity of scientific schools and models and the dangers of “communalism” for the approach of scientific Truth. Let’s remember how Stanford teacher and researcher Robert Proctor demonstrated to the World in Golden Holocaust3 that the tobacco industry had produced for decades its own “scientific studies” echoed by the press.

“On 9 February 2017 [maybe as a birthday present to herself], she organised a one-day conference in Brussels which included a screening of the film Vaxxed by the controversial Andrew Wakefield, a doctor who was struck off for fraud over a manipulated publication establishing a link between vaccination and autism. Initially scheduled to take place in a room at the European Parliament, the conference - denounced by AFIS - was finally organised in a room rented for the occasion, probably on the initiative of the Parliament's ecologist group. In March 2019, in a press release entitled "Yes to vaccines, no to lobbies", she declared that it had "made a regrettable mistake" in inviting Andrew Wakefield . However, she disputed the fraudulent nature of the publication.
On 10 July 2017, she published an article on the Reporterre website entitled "Mandatory vaccinations - war is declared ", strongly opposing the announced increase in the number of mandatory vaccines in France and relying on many of the classic arguments of anti-vaccine movements, described by Le Monde as "rumours", "false" and "lies ". In particular, she claims that "the schedule of 11 compulsory vaccinations envisaged would represent no fewer than 76 immunisations before the age of 18 months4", a figure that Le Monde says is greatly overestimated.”
Collaborating with Le Conseil Scientifique Indépendant, Louis Fouché, Laurent Mucchielli, Michel Maffesoli, Christine Cotton, Laurence Muller-Bronn, Martine Wonner, Anne-Sophie Pelletier, she sometimes had a proximity to personalities from other parties, known for their hostility to vaccination against Covid-19, giving rise to debate within Europe Ecologie Les Verts. But we could say it is a tradition in France for real resistants, since World War 2 to let apart the differences to fight together against the real oppressor. But some don’t understand it.

Fighting the exponential rise of autism from the bottom to the top

Vaxxed (2016) by Andrew Wakefield just pointed the direct relation between MMR vaccine and autism.

Children autism is exploding in our “developed” World.

Our politics and school authorities have never pretended so much protecting the children but in reality, they have never exposed them to so many aggressions from the consumer society, media, the entertainment industry and “science”.

“Environmental causes” have started being questioned by the authorities, that would like also to say that it is by widening the sense of the term and making early diagnostics of autism that the number of cases rose…

But parents just know the direct and dramatic changes of their children after compulsory vaccinations, or the destructive influence of the screens, computers and smartphones, or industrial food, all allowed or imposed almost everywhere by the politics and scientists that today are launching expensive and long programs to “investigate the prevalence of autism” in Europe.

Here is what we read on the European Commission Website:

“The debate on the ASD prevalence in the USA

Last years, a lot of articles have been published in the USA about a so called 'epidemic of autism'. The existence of this ‘epidemic’ has never been officially admitted by the US health authority, the CDC. The origin of the polemics is a study, of the US Department of Education, for children with autism aged 6-21, who are given Special Education services under IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). From these figures it appears that on 1992 a total of 15 580 children (6-22 years of age) were supported for autistic disorders and on 2003 the number of children supported were 141 022 (an increase of 924%). The graph on the evolution of number of cases is presented here.”

France 24 website spoke clearly a few month ago (April 2023):

“On both sides of the Atlantic, the conclusion is unanimous: not only is the number of births of autistic children rising steadily, but the increase is exponential. In the United States, the health authorities counted one child with autism in 5,000 in 1975, compared with one in 68 in 2014. Just three years later, the rate had risen to one in 59.”

Some people qualify these figures by invoking the classic “trompe l'oeil” of all epidemiological data: the development of diagnostics. (…)
The increase in the number of cases of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders is certainly partly due to improved diagnosis, concedes psychiatrist Amaria Baghdadli. But "only partly", insists the doctor, who is in charge of the University Department of Child Psychiatry and the Autism Resource Centre at Montpellier University Hospital. She is coordinating a titanic research programme with the Montpellier University Hospital, known as the "Marianne cohort". This year, and over the next ten years, the study will medically monitor 1,700 pregnant women and their families. Its aim is to understand the early biological and environmental determinants of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. The aim is not only to prevent autism, but also to provide better support for children already suffering from developmental disorders and autism spectrum disorders.”
“The planet, society and the individual: there is only one health".5

The French Académie defines Ecology as:

“[the]Study of the conditions necessary for the harmonious development of living beings: measures to ensure the survival of existing species, elimination of factors that threaten biological balance, etc. Ecology advocates believe that uncontrolled technical progress will lead to a dangerous break between man and his environment.”

Vaccines, waves, smartphones, screens, gliphosate, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, 5G, linky meters, artificial pollinators, GMOs, nuclear energy, shale gas, Monsanto papers, defense of alternative medecines…

Michele Rivasi was fighting all the lobbies and the causes of aggressions of Life and autism, including its most common and accepted and dangerous form: the politic and media autism.

She was not the last of the ecologist, thanks to God, but she was not the least.

That’s why we have to continue her fight, no only through screens and news, but openly, on the ground all over Europe and elsewhere, questioning politics in high places and people in all places.

François-Marie Périer, EFVV




Michèle Rivasi et Hélène Crié, Ce nucléaire qu’on nous cache, Albin Michel, Paris, 1998.

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4 In reality, it was a miscalculation: the real number was 31 doses, which is still enormous