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Our current level of knowledge about the Covid 19 m-RNA vaccination

On December 21, 2020, Pfizer / Biontech's m-RNA vaccine was granted European approval. While a vaccine normally requires a safety review of 10-15 years, this vaccine was approved for release in record time by BioNTech / Pfizer, omitting many safety criteria.

BioNTech has never in its 8-year company history brought an m-RNA drug onto the market. The method of ‘’smuggling’’ genetically modified material (m-RNA) into our cells through nanoparticles so that our cells begin to produce virus particles has never come onto the market and was a very controversial method of pharmacological intervention last year.

Under normal circumstances, this process requires years of observation in order to rule out risks for the individual and society. Above all, the ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) detected in corona vaccinations in animals is a very serious complication, which is currently noticeable in the increasing number of side effects, deaths and higher Covid incidences in countries that are already vaccinating a lot, such as Israel and Great Britain.

In addition, due to the short study period of only 2 months published so far, many questions are still unanswered in order to conclusively assess the actual efficiency and safety of the vaccination. In the course of the last few decades there has been an interdependence of industry, politics and medical committees, which makes it almost impossible to consider scientific facts independently.

There is an urgent need to initiate an independent control body, similar to the Cochrane Collaboration, in order to investigate current facts as quickly as possible and follow the consequences. There are highly efficient treatment protocols from around the world for treating Covid. Implementing these as soon as possible should be the main strategy of any medical approach for prevention and treatment.

pdfZusammnfassung M RNA Impfung 20.01.21