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Pfizer 6 Month Data - more illness

A group of 500 Canadian professors, doctors, scientists and healthcare workers published

a report explaining how to interpret the 6 month data from Pfizer about gene shots.

Reflect on this: why is there no sign of this news in the mainstream media?

Why is evidence and scholarly opinion questioning these measures being "fact checked" and censored all the time?

People have not been adequately informed about these experimental shots and they continue lining up

for injections that will buy them freedom. But freedom cannot be bought. You cannot be forced into something in order to be free.

We believe it is important to read the report ourselves and the group has been so thoughtful that they have uploaded a video explaining these results for those who struggle to read.

Check it out: video-more harm than good

And this is the original PDF: pdfthe-covid-19-inoculations-more-harm-than-good-rev-dec-16-2021_dff44.pdf

Original 6 month report: pdfnejmoa2110345_3b9fb.pdf