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Project Bluetooth Experience X

Since April 2021, rumours have spread on social networks concerning the appearance of
bluetooth-type signals following one or more anti-covid injections offered by pharmaceutical companies.

Numerous videos have circulated which seem to highlight the appearance of disturbing phenomena,

such as magnetisation on various parts of the body, appearance of Bluetooth MAC addresses in the presence of inoculated persons, appearance of signals during a scan performed on the body of inoculated person via
animal microchip detection etc.

Though mainstream media and public agencies have denied the existence of these phenomena, citizens have been posting more and more empirical experiences.

The results higlight:

- No non-inoculated, untested person gives a signal

- A few injected persons give signals in about 40% of cases

- A few non-inoculated, tested persons give signals in about 50% of the cases.

Project Bluetooth Experience X has been funded by EFVV, NLPV and numerous anonymous donations.