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Study on the reasons that made people of Luxembourg get the shot

"This new survey performed by EFVV among 95 persons in Luxembourg deals with the main motivations for vaccination against the Covid-19 and with the real number of people who have had side effects or know some people who have had side effects after they took the anti-covid-19 vaccine.
The study reveals that more than 50% of people who accepted the vaccine did so to regain the freedoms that were confiscated from them by the authorities in the name of the public safety.

Regarding the side effects related to vaccination against covid-19, the figure is also significant and does not correspond to the official reality published by pharmaceutical companies which is 2‰. The study shows that at least 50% of respondents have had side effects or know someone who has had side effects.

This new study also raises the problem of the publication of the actual number of reports of side effects by EUDRAVIGILANCE and offers readers to follow the same path as the investigator to understand why there is a doubt about the veracity of the published figures.''