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The observational study "Secret 16" on magnetism in vaccinated

For several months, Internet users have tried to highlight a magnetism that would be linked to the vaccine ("Magnet challenge"), with fanciful objects (phones, keys, scissors, "spoon-code" ...) stuck on various areas of anatomy: arms, forehead, torso, back… among others!

A single observational study (1) was carried out in a serious manner in Luxembourg, finding magnetization in 29/30 vaccinated people who participated in the test, but no magnetization in the 30 unvaccinated people participating in the magnet test.

Other field experiments found comparable results or, on the contrary, did not show any magnetization in the vaccinees, but the population studied concerned groups of a few people.

The observational study "Secret 16", carried out by a cardiologist and a nurse from Charente (France) aims to study the magnetization of a one euro coin in 75 patients vaccinated against Covid, in comparison to a control group of 30 unvaccinated people.

It finds much more frequent magnetization of the part in vaccinated (35/75) compared to non-vaccinated (2/30), p = 0.0027.

This magnetization is much more frequent in the event of Astra vaccination (17/28 vaccinated) compared to unvaccinated (2/30), p = 0.0014.