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A Dystopic Ceremony of the WHO in Geneva

geneva panoramic 26 may 2024 251d1

Yesterday , Sunday May 26th, for the opening of the World project of the World Health Organisation in Geneva, the WHO revealed itself to be a colonial structure selling its own servitude to the South, as well as to the North, with the complicity of a few servants. After progress, civilisation and salvation, the West is now bringing Health to the world. 80% of the populations of Africa, Asia and Latin America, dressed in brightly coloured T-shirts and fed on apples and bananas, were celebrating the wholesale cut-up of their health systems for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies, just as their economies, agriculture and transport have been cut up by the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank. It was impressive.
I spoke to quite a few people from all walks of life: many were employed by the WHO or partner organisations. They were in denial, relativising or resigning themselves to the evidence of corruption. Chloé Frammery also talked to some of them before retreating in the face of threats of being arrested. Nicolas Rimoldi, pictured above, from Mass-Volle was also politely but firmly expelled. I publicly challenged Tedros during his speech, which was interrupted (video attached), but I wanted to avoid going too far...
We learned this last night in Bern near the station where Robert Kennedy Jr had been received. But that's where we should have been, leafleting about the true face of the WHO. François-Marie Périer