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PRESS RELEASE: France, facing the shock strategy.

Let's not give in to manipulation and mobilize!

July 16, 2021. The National League for Freedom of Vaccinations (LNPLV) denounces Emmanuel Macron's ′′ shock strategy ′′ who embarked a million French people in an unacceptable forced medical procedure. Yet nothing is legally active! Waiting and not giving in to manipulation is urgent.

The President of the Republic is applying the shock strategy to traumatize France and discourage any citizen opposition. Exhausted by months of restrictions, hoping to blow during the holidays, the French experienced the announcements of the July 12 TV address as a massacre. In the next 24 hours, more than a million of them have undergone vaccination against their hearts. This sudden move to act is actually a state of collective shock. Can we still talk about a free and conscious choice?

Emmanuel Macron demonstrates health terrorism. His communication manages the effects of ads and seeks to manipulate opinion by bringing fear and confusion. He is not looking to improve the health situation but to fight against each other. Let's resist the pressure or the singing of the mermaids! Waiting for vaccination is urgent.

Going on vaccine risks costly: 1.930.667 side effects and 18 deaths have already been reported at European base Eudravigilance (as of July 10). Figures largely underestimated by passive pharmacovigilance.


At present, no text has been adopted to make the injection of genetic material mandatory. Scientifically, these experimental products do not demonstrate their efficacy or a favourable balance of benefits/risks.

  • Case law is not in favour of discriminating laws, which flout informed consent, physical integrity, privacy and family life.
  • The terms of contracts that organize the irresponsibility of laboratories are illegal.

Warning: Some real estate credit and life insurance contracts may include a clause that prohibits compensation following clinical trial participation! Careful. The surviving spouse or heirs may well be in trouble due to a rushed decision.

As for the right to work, any company can be held liable for the serious consequences of this irresponsible experimental injection!

Write to your deputy or senator using our press releases or the template letter attached. Let's mobilize to fail the health pass!

The National League for Freedom of Vaccinations

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