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Truck Driver Spending $153 On His Campaign Won vs NJ Senate President

Awakened people who unite have the power.

New Jersey is not exactly a Republican state.

But the tide turns, and in most cases beats even the suspected Democrat-Globalist cheating.

Edward Durr, a truck driver, won his election against incumbent New Jersey Senate President.

He spent $153 in his campaign, fighting against a major playor who leveraged over 1 million dollars for his campaign (with some $750K raised in one night in July).

Yesterday though, Edward Burr won. 

Let's hope some corrupt election officials don't find containers of more mailed-in-ballots than were sent out this time and that the results are confirmed, but yet...

That is what happen when We The People unite. We can drive out the the establishment mafia and its pawns who have began the process of removing our liberties.

United We Win.